Convert Your Home

Heating your home will include a heating system that has a main unit of heating (furnace or boiler), a distribution system (ducts and registers or pipes and radiators) and thermostats that control these systems. In the case of electric baseboard heaters, spaces are heated without a distribution system. Every room is heated through its own unit of heating (baseboard heaters).

These systems not only provide heat to warm your home, but they also serve a multitude of other services in your home! That is why it’s really important to have an efficient method of heating in order to save money on all your monthly bills!





Aside from being a safe, consistent, and reliable form of energy, using natural gas in your home will result in savings in your pocket as well as in the environment! Why is switching to natural gas so beneficial? It is so versatile that once you switch over the main heating source, it will be very easy to switch over other appliances in your home as well.

In the section below, we will explore each part of your house that can benefit from switching to natural gas heating.

Space Heating/Fireplaces: Natural gas is an efficient way to get your home nice and warm in a short amount of time! It can also provide a cozy atmosphere when used for beautiful fireplaces that add warmth and ease.

Showering/Bathing: Natural gas provides an abundance of hot water, whenever you need it! Underground pipelines mean there is no disruption of supply, making your life easier. You won’t have to suffer through cold showers when the rest of the family has bathed before you!

Cooking/Barbecuing:  Natural gas provides the convenience of direct heat and precise temperature control so that you can cook your food to perfection!

Dishwasher: Efficient hot water dispensing so that you don’t have to scrub any last bits off of the dishes afterwards.

Laundry: Natural gas will provide a precise amount of heat every time so that you never have to run the load twice.

Outdoor Lighting: Gas lighting is not only more fuel efficient, but it also gives your outdoor spaces a nice glow versus the harsh glare of electric light bulbs.

Pool/Hot Tub Heating: After you switch to natural gas, it will be super easy to hook up your heating systems for your pool and/or hot tub.