To try to understand we will need some data on both costs to the homeowner and a means to compare “apples to apples”. In this case we will be comparing the cost per kilowatt in the case of electricity, and the cost of a cubic metre for natural gas. Once we get these, we will need to convert them to the cost per b.t.u. – which is a common measurement used in heating.


It might be easiest to start at converting kw and cubic metres into btu’s – or in this case one million btus.


For natural gas, there are 35,500 btu’s in a cubic metre of natural gas. Again, divide the 1,000,000 by 35,500 – leaving 28.17 cubic metres of gas in a million btu’s.

When trying to determine the actual cost of a cubic metre of gas or a kilowatt hour of electricity, it is important to roll ALL OF THE COSTS IN! So for this exercise, I will take the fully loaded rates off of the respective websites.

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